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ProduQtive offers a truly unique experience to employers, employees, extended workforce, contractors and suppliers. We exist to give you back your time and in doing so, enable your organisation to cope with change and win.

Workforce Planning & Modelling

Access an array of tools to design an organisation that can deliver your strategic objectives. Match your existing resources, identify the gaps and take action. 

Operational and Tactical Deployment

The scheduling or rostering capabilities suites all sectors: Healthcare, NGO, Energy, Utilities, Mining, public sector, security, Social and Community Care etc. 



QBE Recruit: Contingent Staffing Recruitment Engine

Welcome to QBE (“Cube”). We have gone “All In” to support recruitment departments; recruitment and staffing agencies and specialist service providers (MSP/RPO/Outplacement).

  • All placement types: Executive search, Permanent, Part time, Contingent, SOW, Fixed Term
  • All Staffing groups and Sectors
  • Collaborative and Shared Banks
  • Bank as a Service
  • Vendor Management (Agencies)
  • Data migration to ProduQtive as standard

Human Capital Management

A module that embraces best of breeds and interoperability.

  • Core HR Modules
  • Leave Management 
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Disciplinary & Grievance Management 
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Admin

Customer Experience

Frictionless data migration

Migrate your existing services onto the ProduQtive platform with the help of our
data migration team. 

Rapid Implementation

Our implementation teams are industry specialists. All external partners are accredited and fully trained to assist our clients to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.


Customers play an active role in designing the initial and continuous training plan for their organisations. This includes: user manuals, embedded tutorials, group training events,
drop in sessions and super user groups.

Unmatched Support

We all get used to the chat box popping up on public facing websites. Now, our customers have access to 24 hour support via the in-app chat facility – we respond with an actual person!  Onsite, near site and dedicated telephone support is also available.

The Extended Workforce

Back in 2009, we developed a concept where one Hospital can share its surplus contingent workforce with participating organisations and in the process, reduce the demand on agencies. An additional benefit was that the supplying organisation is rewarded with income for...

The Produqtivity Conundrum

  I am not an economist nor suitably qualified to offer an informed position and therefore, I merely ask a question in the hope that someone might shed some light on a dark subject. Every time a government official puts out a statement regarding the country’s...

The Broken Training Line

Even with the advancement of technology, the world is not training enough medical resources to meet the future healthcare need of an ageing population….is one side of the story. NHS organisations have the unenviable task to try and design services for an ageing...

The human condition vs survival of the fittest

Aspiring to make things better is a natural process as old as the mountains. When the motive is selfish and the cost un-measurable, betterment is merely based on the perception of some. Humans are putting severe strain on the natural resources of this planet, not to...

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