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Welcome to ProduQtive

Innovation & collaboration platform for workforce technologies and services.

Project QBE goes Pro

The latest addition to the ProduQtive platform, Project QBE (cube) mergest the best of breeds on Project Resoruce Planning and traditional project management. 

“We cannot understate the value Project QBE added to the project teams and the cutomer. We had total visibility over all the projects to track activity, progress and outcomes”


ABOUT US: Our Journey since 2017

NHS Job planning pilot

ProduQtive was appointed the successful bidder to work with 12 NHS Trusts to offer unique and bespoke Job planning functionality for non clinical staff. Additional pilot places can be made available.

Hi I’m Paul

As our name suggests, we love to help companies be more ProduQtive. We are a technology company in the workforce space and with the help of our customers, partners and amazing team, we deliver innovative solutions at pace!


Our Vision

We will continue to bring new and innovative solutions to Employers and Specialist Service Providers…but with a slightly different approach. We recognise that as a company, we simply can’t offer everything and therefore will continue to encourage specialist providers of Talent Management and Payroll solutions (country specific) to collaborate and partner with us.


Our reason for existence. 

As we go through the growth gears, we are learning more about ourselves and what we do better than others. We would like to continue to be responsive to our customer needs and market conditions. Our strongest attributes:

1. Our ability to listen and convert client ideas into useful solutions…at pace. 

2. Domain expertise: We don’t profess to know it all but rather we love to learn. 

3. We love what we do!. Hopefully it is evident in our solutions and services. 


                                        Paul Pieterse



produqtive application by sector

Health & Social Care

Hospitals, Care Homes, Domiciliary Care, Private Hospitals, Community Services, Clinics

Solutions: Job Planner; Scheduler; contingent staffing; activity scheduling

Professional Services

Architects, Solicitors, Surveyors, Engineers, Project Management, Property Management, Accounting and Fiduciary Services, Change and Programme managers.

Solutions: Project Resource Manager; Project Manager; Position Manager; HCM; Recruitment


Public Sector

Local and Central Government, Local Authorities, Government Agencies- Ministry of Defense, Justice Department, Foreign Offices.

 Solutions: Vendor Management; Project Resource management; Project management; Scheduling and activity scheduling. 

Industrial Sector

Manufacturing, Resoruces (renewables, oil, gas), Engeneering, Construction, Electrotics, Agriculture, Utilities

Solutions: Position Manager; Project Resource Manager; Scheduling; Vendor Management; Recruitment; HCM (time and attendance, talent management) 

Logistics & Warehousing

Cargo, Transportation (freight and passanger) and Warehousing. 

Solutions: Demand and Capacity manager; scheduling; HCM (time and attendance); Recruitment and staffing; Project Resource Manager. 


Consumer and Financial

Call and contact centers, retail stores, Insurance, Banking

Solutions: Position Manager; HCM (compensation & benefits); Talent management; Recruitment & staffing; Scheduling (Call centers)

Higher Education

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Adult Learning and Mentorship

Solutions: HCM (Talent Manager); Position Manager; Scheduling; Recruitment & Staffing

Security Services

Police, Fire brigade, Detention Centers, Prison Service. 

Solutions: Scheduling; Demand and Capacity; Talent Manager (LMS); Compliance Manager. Vendor Manager


Charities & Informal Sector

Charities, NGO, Social Enterprise

Solutions: Scheduling; Demand Manager; Position manager; Recruitment and Staffing; Compliance Manager; HCM- core HR. 


The Extended Workforce

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