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Extended Workforce Manager

Agility, speed, quality and cost are four critical ingredients for the employer of the future! To have a trusted partner to provide the platform to effectively respond to the need is vital for a high performance organisation. 

What is an “Extended Workforce” programme?

Human Capital Intensive Organisations are changing the make-up of their workforce to accommodate fluctuations in demand, retain the best and protect IP and be in a position to capitalise on opportunities or make tactical adjustments to accommodate change. 

ProduQtive encourages collaboration, especially in sectors where people provide a vital public service (healthcare, social care, education, utilities, local authorities, fire and policing) 

The Extended Workforce Programme straddles the workforce planning, operational deployment and contingent staffing modules. 

The ProduQtive Extended Workforce programme offers the following benefits: 

  • Provide good visibility and tools to maximise utilisation of my own employees
  • Extend visibility to invite under utilised resources or 
  • Bench employees in times of low demand to be used by other internal departments
  • Source resources from different branches or locations within the same group 
  • Share surplus resources with like-minded organisations within a geographical community 
  • Source contingent resources from various cost effective channels (internal banks, shared banks, managed service providers, specialist recruitment agencies) 

Extended Workforce Programme: 


Extended Workforce Management

A fully automated (frictionless) solution with a single aim to find better ways to improve utilisation of resources within the health-economy. 

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It is no secret that there is a global shortage of medical resources based on current demand. (See our blog on the broken training-line). As the population grows and ages, assuming a net migration, the demand for some services will far exceed our ability to train additional resources. So, what is the answer? We need to find innovative mechanisms to make better use with whatever resources we have to our disposal.

The ProduQtive extended workforce model helps employers reach out and deploy available, suitably skilled and qualified medical professionals- within the boundaries of employment laws, contractual obligations and EU Working time Directive.

Why now?

The concept of collaborative resourcing was first introduced by the founder of ProduQtive in 2010, then called LocumPod. At the time, it was limited to a contingent resource pool, managed by a network of employers (Banks).

With the advancement of technology and a growing urgency to treasure skilled resources, the Extended Workforce module first look at optimising internal resources, then extends an invitation to participating employers and their available employees.

Speed is essential in healthcare and access to accurate, real-time and useful data is essential to make good decisions. To have access to a frictionless and hassle-free tool supported by propriety governance and rules, gives employers and employees peace of mind. There is still much to do in the field of projecting acuity and dependency but for now, we designed ProduQtive to respond and provide guidance based on the data we receive.

Core Features & Functionality

  • Internal Resource optimisation: All rosters will calibrate to design rosters to best optimise available resources, based on contractual obligations, preferences and availability (or unavailability)
  • Where there is a possible over supply of resources, managers can select the workers and move them to the Bench.
  • Other directorates can fill available shifts, using the bench resources.
  • Senior Managers can view the Heatmap and redeployment tool to move resources from fully staffed to understaffed units and increase or decrease demand.
  • The cascade control dictates the staggered release of the requirement, which includes timings, costs and employment conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce demand for contingent resources (bank and agency) by at least 20%.
  • Respond effectively to changes in demand and dependencies.
  • Cultivate a collaborative and more strategic approach to a regional workforce.
  • Additional efficiency savings has a positive impact on future employee retention.

Use cases and applications for the Extended Service model:

  • Create regional On-call rotas to share resources across multiple healthcare settings.
  • By moving the delivery of services to the community, the available resources might still be attached to the Acute sector.
  • Where multiple agencies are required to deliver a service, i.e. social care, extend resource or service requirements to the correct organisation to achieve “just in time” resourcing.


ProduQtive provides the following:

  • Access to our accredited deployment partners to perform the initial resource audit.
  • Access to our legal framework to support the collaborative marketplace.
  • Access to the marketplace that facilitates the logistics and commercial transactions between Employers.
  • Access 24/7 support to assist you and your employees.
  • Experience a powerful, hassle-free and easy to use system.


Please contact us for an initial consultation or to arrange a demonstration.

Contingent Staffing

Feature rich platform that covers all aspects operating successful banks and a network professional staffing agencies. Cost savings are just one of the many benefits.

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ProduQtive is committed to find innovate solutions to reduce the transactional costs and improve the supply components within the contingent (or temporary) staffing marketplace. So, what does that mean? We assist Employers, Professional Services business and Contractors (locums, temps) with a unique offering, addressing very specific needs:

For the Employers:

  • Have access to tools and support to build, retain and utilise your contingent resource for all staffing groups.
  • Create a shared service or a collaboration to further increase utilisation and benefit from income or significant savings
  • Create and maintain a network of suppliers, which might include different structures for different staffing groups (medical staff- tiered supply vs. Nursing – Managed service provision and; Clerical a master vendor)
  • Default access to direct engagement as a service model
  • Lock-in framework rates and manage any variations through approval processes and department budgets
  • Configure the supply chain to drive automation, supported by a combination of rules, AI and machine learning. (includes self-booking)
  • Be fully compliant with agency working time directive, IR 35, and internal objectives.
  • Haves access to state of the art performance management tools for both the contractor and the supplier.

For the Supplier of Temporary staff:

This service extends to organisations offering a managed service (bank as a service) or operating a vendor model (Master vendor, Neutral Vendor).

  • Complete CRM solution to maintain exceptional service levels.
  • Protection of IPR, including no conflict of interests.
  • Efficient processes to reduce transactional cost – protect your net operating margins.
  • Internal performance management tools by individual, team, client, staff group etc.
  • Full pay and bill cycle, supported by disbursements and payroll as a service.
  • Protect the market from rouge agencies
  • Candidate attraction and applicant tracking, including compliance management.

For the Temporary Worker

  • Single career management tool to manage activities from between all associations (multiple banks, multiple agencies)
  • Easy to use mobile features to: apply for or book shifts; complete outstanding tasks; submit for approval time worked; track payment.
  • Manage all compliance components and benefit from our single ID wallet (digital passport), interfacing with professional membership bodies.


A few key features

  • Ingenious availability, unavailability and personal preference management feature
  • Instant calculation on capacity (i.e. likely ability to fill shifts and calculation of optimal sources of supply)
  • Frictionless release and selection options
  • Innovative tools to capture and approve time worked.
  • Track variances – scope, time or cost creep
  • Automated self-billing and payroll processing
  • Payroll as a service or a data feed, available to Employers and Suppliers
  • Customisable supply chain configuration (i.e. staggard release directly from Rosters)
  • Relationship management tools (CRM, SRM, Candidate engagement tools)
  • Realtime performance management, dashboard analytics and exportable reports
  • Open API to plug in your preferred services.


Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics was not designed police your workforce but rather to give your employees and managers access to real-time data to drive change and innovation 

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We start by using your data, from all different sources, including the data produced by ProduQtive. We then apply some wisdom to design various interactive dashboard charts, data exports and performance indicators to drive positive change.

Workforce analytics covers a number of core aspects:

  • The function of the employee in relationship with the role, the organisation and the team.
  • The function of the contingent supplier (agency) in relationship with key performance indicators benchmarked against other suppliers (both internal and external)
  • The operational indicators that dictate demand and supply
  • The financial indicators that impact cash-flow, costs, forecasts and future budgets.
  • Non-tangible components that impact brand, service, relationships and value.


Our mission is to support our customers in every possible way, which often means, we push data into a customer data repository.

We continue to add to our list of reports and dashboards and encourage our clients to work with your dedicated accounts manager to design the reports you need.

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