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The four modules are packed with functionality and tools to support the ambitions of high performance organisations. Some of the sectors we service include:

  • Healthcare – Acute Hospitals; Mental Health Hospitals; Private Hospitals
  • Social and Community Care
  • Central Government
  • Professional Services
  • Local Authorities 
  • All utilities suppliers and maintenance 
  • Logistics and Warehousing 
  • Industrial and Engineering 
  • Mining and Manufacturing 
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Customers services (call centres) 

The four core modules of the ProduQtive Plaform

Workforce Planning and Organisation Design

Design your organisation required to achieve your strategic and service objectives.

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The Organisation Design solution sits within the Workforce Planning module and notably integrates with other core solutions like:

  • Core HR to manage all employee records 
  • Recruit to push vacancies (backfills or new positions) to our applicant tracking tools
  • Payroll – reconcile total pay 
  • Analytics – to provide users with valuable workforce analytics

Creating a visual representation of a global workforce of 50,000+ is never an easy task. The drill down and search solutions gets you where you need to be. 


Organisation Design pulls data from different sources to give you a clear picture of your current and desirable workforce. Working in partnership with our customers, we are able to continue to add new features and provide valuable insight. 

High Performance 

The success or failure of a merger is often dependent on reliable workforce data and the ability to view and calculate the impact of restructuring and recalibration of remuneration. ProduQtive works in partnership with specialists that offer consultancy services wrapped around the workforce planning and deployment solutions. 

Operational and tactical deployment

Deploy resources against Shifts (Rosters), Activities (Activity scheduler) or Tasks (Projects) to maximise resource utilisation.

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The Rota Manager product forms part of the Workforce Planning module. Although the Rota Manager module was designed to support Junior doctors in training and trust grade roles (NHS – New Deal 2016), the tool is used in non-healthcare settings where teams are required to work defined shift patterns over a cycle of several weeks.


The rota creation process is governed by a rules engine that is centrally maintained. Locally agreed rules can be adjusted by the customer. At the time when creating a rota and any one of the rules were broken, the user will not be permitted to proceed unless the error is rectified.

Key Features

  • Rotas can be created for one or more staffing group that share the same rules.
  • Rotas can be saved as templates.
  • Use the validation tools to not only check for rule breaks but also assess the total cost of the rota.
  • Assign available and matching resources to different starting points.
  • Add “Ghost Resources” to represent any vacancies. 
  • Publish the rota to auto generate work schedule for the employees.
  • Convert rotas into a single roster for the duration of their rotation. See e-roster for functionality.
  • All variance reporting leave management, attendance, swaps and redeployment are performed in the roster module.


Where ProduQtive Rota manager is used in isolation, our public API is available to support our customers in achieving their workforce objectives (levels of attainment). 

Human Capital Management

Match, recruit, and efficiently manage your workforce against your strategic and operational objectives.

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To give you a better overview of what we offer as part of the Human Capital Management module, we should start with the “Why”.

As a core offering, ProduQtive focuses on the tactical deployment of existing resources and the procurement of extended and complementary resources on a time or task bases (statement of works). For our larger customers we were able to build integrations with SAP SuccessFactors, NHS-ESR and Workday, however we realised that there is a gap in the market for the mid to smaller employers.

Our approach? We recognised that there are other providers of highly specialised solutions that we would prefer to partner with. Now, our customers benefit from accessing a growing network of specialists without the need to procure different systems or have a fragmented experience.

In the list below, we often offer a basic (free) solution that is part of the ProduQtive offering alongside a specialist offering. Where our customers prefer to use any of their existing solutions, we are happy to build an integration.

Product or Service ProduQtive Core Partners and current integrations
Record Of Employment Yes SAP SuccessFactors; ESR, Workday
Leave Manager Yes
Sickness and Unavailability Manager Yes
Flexible Working Manager Yes
Health and Wellness Manager Yes
Compliance Manager Yes
Payroll Administration Yes Staffology
In-App messenger Yes Microsoft Teams
Recruitment (Applicant Tracking) Yes (basic)  The Hire Lab
Psychometric Testing No
On-Boarding (inc. Contracts) Yes (basic)  The Hire Lab
Digital Passport No 
Goals and Performance Manager  Yes 
Learning & Professional Development No 
Succession Planning No
Benefits Management No 
Pension Management No 
Grievance and Case Management Yes (basic)


Recruitment and Staffing (QBE)

Source and deploy contingent, complementary or specialist resources from  various internal or networked providers. 

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ProduQtive is committed to find innovate solutions to reduce transactional costs and improve the supply components within the contingent (or temporary) staffing marketplace. So, what does that mean? We assist Employers, Professional Services businesses and Contractors (locums, temps) with a unique offering, addressing very specific needs.

For Employers:

  • Have access to tools and support to build, retain and utilise your contingent resource for all staffing groups.
  • Create a shared service or a collaboration to further increase utilisation and benefit from income or significant savings.
  • Create and maintain a network of suppliers, which might include different structures for different staffing groups (Medical Staff – tiered supply; Nursing – managed service provision; Clerical – a master vendor).
  • Default access to direct engagement as a service model.
  • Lock-in framework rates and manage any variations through approval processes and department budgets.
  • Configure the supply chain to drive automation, supported by a combination of rules, AI and machine learning (includes self-booking).
  • Be fully compliant with agency working time directive, IR 35, and internal objectives.
  • Have access to state of the art performance management tools for both the contractor and the supplier.

For Suppliers of Temporary staff:

This service extends to organisations offering a managed service (bank as a service) or operating a vendor model (Master Vendor, Neutral Vendor).

  • Complete CRM solution to maintain exceptional service levels.
  • Protection of IPR, including no conflict of interests.
  • Efficient processes to reduce transactional costs – protect your net operating margins.
  • Internal performance management tools by individual, team, client, staff group etc.
  • Full pay and bill cycle, supported by disbursements and payroll as a service.
  • Protect the market from rogue agencies.
  • Candidate attraction and applicant tracking, including compliance management.

For the Temporary Worker:

  • Single career management tool to manage activities across all associations (multiple banks, multiple agencies).
  • Easy to use mobile features to: apply for or book shifts; complete outstanding tasks; submit for approval time worked; track payment.
  • Manage all compliance components and benefit from our single ID wallet (digital passport), interfacing with professional membership bodies.

Key features

  • Ingenious availability, unavailability and personal preference management feature.
  • Instant calculation on capacity (i.e. likelihood of ability to fill shifts and calculation of optimal sources of supply).
  • Frictionless release and selection options.
  • Innovative tools to capture and approve time worked.
  • Track variances – scope, time or cost creep.
  • Automated self-billing and payroll processing.
  • Payroll as a service or a data feed, available to Employers and Suppliers.
  • Customisable supply chain configuration (i.e. staggered release directly from Rosters).
  • Relationship management tools (CRM, SRM, Candidate engagement tools).
  • Real-time performance management, dashboard analytics and exportable reports.
  • Open API to plug in your preferred services.

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