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Additional Resources from Select Software Reviews (“SSR”)

Applicant Tracking Options

SelectSoftware offers deep industry knowledge on all things workforce technology. The Applicant Tracking market is super competitive and SSR can provide additional assistance in your purchasing decisions


Recruitment & Hiring

SelectSoftware provides great insight based on solid data and decades of experience. Using an ATS is only a small part of the recruitment experience.


Expert independent Advice

ProduQtive is not in the business of making a hard sale. We also recognize that our solutions might not be a right fit for you. We can recommend SSR for providing expert advice.

Motivation and Productivity

Our mission is to support employers achieve more with less. SelectSoftware offers an unbias view on the difficult topics. 


Alternative Software Solutions

At ProduQtive we give our customers a menu of solutions to pick from but we recognize that there are parts of the suite that we either don’t offer or you feel you need something else. May we recommend you take a look a SelectSoftware Review? They pretty much cover every base.