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Position Manager

Visualize your future org structure

Position management is more that a modelling tool

Integrate with your HCM

No more manual updates to display your org chart (as is).

Create your own structure

Start from scratch and create your chart in minutes by assigning your employees to positions.



Manage all positions seperately

Create company wide positions by job family or staff group, location, seniority, pay bands, minimum skill and qualification requirement…linking neatly with your pay and benefits module.



New Position Management

Add new positions to your structure make available to your recruitment team to source internal or external candidates

Redeployment or Promotions Management

Move employees or reporting departments to new line managers and set an activation date.



Critical role management

Mark and track critical roles, especially consider succession and visibility to talent bank or external suppliers.


Distribute vacancies to the ATS

Following a process of approval, distribute the vacant positions or soon to be vacant positions to recruitment and track applicants

Track on-boarding on compliance

Once a position is filled, track the hiring process to ensure the new starter is fully supported throughout the process. 



Commence off-boarding when someone leaves your organisations, including secondments and sabaticals. Please note that this excludes redundancies.