Lashio Welcome to Zambia Rota Manager by ProduQtive. A highly specialised module for the healthcare sector to design and create rotas that are:

  • Compliant against employment terms and conditions. (New Deal 2016)
  • Adheres to EU Working Time Regulations;
  • Achieves your objectives on safe staffing and support service design or redesign
  • Identify possible gaps in your workforce establishment.
  • Delivers a plan to support compulsory training and professional development
  • Produce work schedules to employees, reflecting their commitment for the entire rotation.
  • Our powerful algorithm does all the heavy lifting...comforting to staffing managers working in a highly regulated sector with complex staffing needs. Rota Manager is currently used in sectors outside healthcare where teams are required to work the same shift patterns over a cycle of 2 to 17 weeks.



Efficient rota design

  • Design fully compliant rotas in minutes
  • Guided by powerful rules engine
  • Great tools to visualise planned coverage
  • Save templates for future use
  • Real-time cause and effect on employment costs

Rota creation and fulfilment

  • Assign your employees to the rota instantly
  • Add ghost resources as space-holders for vacancies
  • Edit and move employees on the rota

Conversion to eRoster

  • Convert a rota into an active ProduQtive e-roster in secondsĀ 
  • Convert multiple rotas into an aggregated roster
  • Publish work schedules to employees
  • Customise work schedules


  • The module is free to use for all eRoster clients
  • Create a rota for any period
  • The conversion of a 6 week rota into a 52 week roster...takes a few seconds
  • The rules are centrally updated