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Scheduling (e-Roster) 

Effective workforce deployment for all settings and staff groups

Schedule resources against complex shift patterns


Easy roster creation

Create rosters for multiple staff groups, headcount, multiple locations and shift patterns in minutes. 

Matching algorithm

Powerful algorithm matching employees against available shifts using variables like: available contracted hours, personal preference, professional attributes (occupation, qualification, skills, experience/grade, specialisms and compliance status) and cost. 


Worker portal as standard

All employees have access to the self service portal and downloadable app. They use the app to apply for shifts, check-in or out, notify the team, collaborate with the team and apply for leave…to mention a few features. 


Rules engine

Validate your roster, in real-time, against employment, employer and locally agreed rules to optimise your workforce utilisation. Reduce overtime and dependency on contingent workers. 

Time and attendance

Use the different tracking tools like barcode, geo location check-and-out (Mobile app) or PluQ-in your favorite solution to capture actual hours worked against planned. 


Vacancy Management

Automatically distribute unfilled shifts to a supply chain of contingent resources, including under-utilised resourced hosted at different locations. 




Sensible automation of roster fulfillment (Auto-fill), notification and tracking of attendance and working practices. The automatic distribution of vacancies and redeployment based on demand changes are optional. 

On-all or Standby Manager

Create separate or regional on-call rotas (on-site or remote) and view on-call rotas from linked rosters.


Personalised views

Personalise how you want the service to work for you, using the different views and notifications. 


Flexible roster periods

Create roster templates for any period (up to 12 months) and assign resources weeks at a time. Once your roster period is complete,  you can lock the period down and your employees receive a confirmation of their allocated shifts. 


Multiple staff groups and locations

Create location specific shifts or assign employees from multiple locations to the requested shifts. This solution was designed to maximise utilisation across the organisation.



Operations Management

Features like, increasing or decreasing the headcount, replacing an employee, cancelling a shift, marking someone as absent, swopping shifts, copy and paste a shift, or finding a contingent worker. 


PluQ-in 3rd party systems

PluQin solutions to complement the scheduling tool, including active directory or your Core HR system and payroll admin solution. 

Dashboards and Reporting

Our approach to reporting is a little different. We offer a free solution to develop bespoke reports for you as well as exporting data via PluQ-in, to use as and when you need it.


Bespoke Development

We recognize that each organisation is unique and we would like to think we can customize our solution to meet your exact need.