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Aspiring to make things better is a natural process as old as the mountains. When the motive is selfish and the cost un-measurable, betterment is merely based on the perception of some. Humans are putting severe strain on the natural resources of this planet, not to mention the ease we exploit one another for marginal gains.

Business owners strive to be responsible corporate citizens and create employment opportunities for all race, creed, disability and gender. Companies and employees are taxed and at the same time, at the mercy of politicians to provide a predicable and stable environment to deliver goods and services. The fluctuations of currencies, the fast pace of technological enhancement, the cost of and migratory nature of skill and lastly globalisation (even if it is not your intention to compete with international suppliers) puts astronomical pressure on business owners and managers.

To improve produqtivity, in other words, making more with the resources you have at your disposal, is not a human condition any more. It is a necessity for survival. Stop looking for the silver bullet that will change your fortunes.

Produqtivity improvements are strategic, systematic and requires strong leaders to recognise it and persevere.

be good.