commutatively Activity Scheduler by ProduQtive. Benefit from a fully integrated tool to schedule multi-disciplinary teams around:

  • Objectives
  • Tasks
  • Facilities and
  • Equipment

Tursunzoda The tool was designed to accommodate a range of eventualities and scenarios. Activity Scheduler interfaces with the following ProduQtive modules:

  • e-Job Planner
  • e-Roster
  • Project Resource Scheduler

Experience the following features and benefits  

Define the need

  • Add and define the activity.
  • Add the resource requirements and define the objectives and tasks.
  • Plan the duration - by period, session or hours.
  • Attach and manage supporting documents (set levels of confidentiality).
  • Assign a location.
  • Assign equipment or additional resources.
  • Set or alter the budget if applicable.
  • Follow an approval process, if applicable.

Build your team

  • Publish your activity, schedule or project.
  • Our algorithm matches options based on a predefined criteria:
    • Compliance.
    • Rostered/ available.
    • Role match (occupation, grade, specialism).
    • Skill match- where a specialist skill is required.
    • Engagement.
  • Select and build your team, tracking capacity and utilisation.
  • Lock down your team.
  • Push notifications- keep your team informed.
  • Resource- aggregated view across all teams.

Track progress and change

  • Swop resources in and out with ease.
  • Increase or decrease resource allocation.
  • Use the analytics tools to support your decision making.
  • Provide visibility to team members at all times.


Additional Benefits

  • Reduce last minute cancellations of procedures.
  • Reduce duplication and remove confusion.
  • Improve record keeping to support training and professional development.