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Workforce Planning

Use the modules listed below to design a high performance and agile organisation. For healthcare, use the Job planner; Doctors in Training Rota and Roster demand Managers to match resource supply with service demand.

How much time do you invest in effective organisation design and workforce planning?

If Covid taught us anything, it is that organisations must rewrite the rulebook to and push the boundaries to accommodate a flexible, more agile workforce without sacrificing competitive advantage, service quality, loss of Intellectual Property or profits. Using your data, you are now able to create interactive and multi-dimensional plans that can help shape the future of your high performance organisation.  

The pillars of the workforce planning module

Organisation Design

Using your existing data, ProduQtive creates a visual tool to map your current organisation, enables you to track headcount, FTE, Capacity, Vacancies and the total cost of employment.

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The Organisation Design solution sits within the Workforce Planning module and notably integrates with other core solutions like:

  • Core HR to manage all employee records 
  • Recruit to push vacancies (backfills or new positions) to our applicant tracking tools
  • Payroll – reconcile total pay 
  • Analytics- to provide users with valuable workforce analytics

Creating a visual representation of a global workforce of 50,000+ is never an easy task. The drill down and search solutions gets you where you need to be. 


Organisation Design pulls data from different sources to give you a clear picture of your current and desirable workforce. Working in partnership with our customers, we are able to continue to add new features and provide valuable insight. 

High Performance 

The success or failure of a merger is often dependant on reliable workforce data and the ability to view and calculate the impact of restructuring and recalibrating of remuneration. ProduQtive works in partnership with specialists that offer consultancy services wrapped around the workforce planning and deployment solutions. 


e-Job Planner

Design interactive, demand driven, and compliant job plans for all medical staff groups across all categories. Convert signed off plans into rosters in seconds.

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Job Planner was designed to accommodate all staff groups in a healthcare setting and below we unpacked a few facts and features which we hope you might find useful.

  1. How do we purchase Job planner?

The solution forms part of our Workforce Planning module and organisations pay a fixed annual licence to have unlimited access to all the planning tools.

  1. What configuration options do we have?

Each directorate or service unit can add their own service or activity and link each activity to a category (like Direct Clinical care). You can also link an activity to a location or facility. Workflows can also be customised to achieve “Sign-Off”.

  1. Who can create a job plan?

We designed it that both managers and/or employees can create job plans. Create a template job plan for your team or individual job plans. All job plan activity is tracked and reported on.

  1. Can we create a plan for on-calls?

Using the on-call terms, set out in the NHS Employers terms ad conditions, we provide an easy to use guide to design an on-call rota that is suitable for the directorate or service unit.

  1. What reports are available?

The number of downloadable reports are available in the analytics section; Downloadable Reports- include “Aggregated Job plan by activity, service category staff group and location. Another report, Planned activity against actual activities provides insightful data to managers. 

6. How can we convert a selection of job plans into a transactional roster?

Only signed off job plans can be converted into an Activity scheduler. For example, If the Job plan cycle is for 6 weeks and you need to create a roster for 52 weeks, the schedule is created and once published, employees can start applying for leave and editing schedules.

Please note that Activity Schedules can operate independently from the job planner and additional activities can be added or additional resources can be added to existing activities.

7. What are the key benefits?

e-Job Planner by ProduQtive is a high value, low-cost solution that is easy to procure, quick to install and resulting effective workforce and demand planning.

The key benefit is no double entry to convert a plan(s) into transactional rosters and to track performance against plans in real time.


8. Does your system integrate with ESR or other workforce management solutions?

For Job planner, we have made the connection with ESR and once live, we can activate the service. The Platform encourages interoperability, and the team works tirelessly to work with our partners to give our customers a world-class experience.

9. How do we get started?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. All customers qualify for a free period of 2 months per module. ProduQtive can be purchased either direct via G-Cloud 12 or via our preferred resellers Insight.com, whom represent us on all major public frameworks.

Project Resource Planning & Deployment

A single solution to give organisations and teams the ability to create and design a project; match available resource; invite specialist internal resources; source external skills from contractors; deliver and manage a project whilst delivering an excellent service.

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Project Resource Planner and Deployment is the latest addition to the ProduQtive product suite and was designed to support our professional services customers in achieving more with less. By combining several disciplines, tools and transactional features into a single solution, we are confident that our offering is truly unique.

The “Project Resource Planner and Deployment” manager, is a bit of a mouth-full and whilst we invite our customers to name their newest team member, below is a list of key features and benefits:

Key Features

  • Create multiple projects for internal and external clients
  • Design and specify Work Stages or Sprints
  • Design the resource requirements (attributes and quality) to deliver against each work sage
  • Assign known and invite resource to be considered
  • Access knowledge of previously successfully completed (similar projects)
  • Procure the specialist services from internal or external providers
  • Determine the project cost (fixed price, time and material, pro-bono etc.)
  • Involve your client via their own Client portal
  • Create a detailed project plan with tasks, actions, mileposts/deadlines and assign to team members and service providers
  • Convert the Project Plan into a transactional project management tool, accessing a wide range of typical features and workflows to track progress and monitor any creep and missed deadlines.

Some of the key benefits

  • Fully integrated solution
  • Free extension to your clients and external contractors
  • Powerful project management tools
  • Efficient procurement of services (Statement of Works) and contracts management
  • Access reports to monitor resource utilisation, profitability, contribution and other workforce related indicators.
  • Access project related reports (single or aggregated) to review total workforce utilisation, total cost and profitability.

Operational and tactical deployment

Deploy resources against Shifts (Rosters), Activities (Activity scheduler) or Tasks (Projects) to maximise resource utilisation.

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The Rota Manager product forms part of the Workforce Planning module. Although the Rota Manager module was designed to support Junior doctors in training and trust grade roles (NHS- New Deal 2016), the tool is used in non-healthcare settings where teams are required to work defined shift patterns over a cycle of several weeks.


The rota creation process is governed by a rules engine that is centrally maintained. Locally agreed rules can be adjusted by the customer. At the time when creating a rota and any one of the rules were broken, the user will not be permitted to proceed unless the error is rectified. 

Key Features

  • Rotas can be created for one or more staffing group that share the same rules
  • Rotas can be saved as templates
  • Use the validation tools to not only check for rule breaks or assess the total cost of the rota.
  • Assign the available and matching resources to the different starting points.
  • Add “Ghost Resources” to represent any vacancies. 
  • Publish the rota to auto generated work schedule for the employees.
  • Convert the rotas into a single roster for the duration of their rotation. See e-roster for functionality
  • All variance reporting, leave management, attendance, swops and redeployments are performed in the roster module.


Where ProduQtive Rota manager is used in isolation, our public API is available to support our customers in achieving their workforce objectives (levels of attainment) 

e-Roster Demand Manager

The purpose of the demand manager is to assist employers in designing intelligent rosters that takes into account capacity, skill availability, budgets and service demands and scenario planning.

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Using different data sources, the team can build a picture tat 

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