Resource Management Solutions

buy provigil generic Are you looking for a single solution to plan, organise and roster your workforce? 

  • here Rota Management:Design compliant rotas against your specific regional and sector rules of employment
  • eRoster: Create highly functional rosters to match what resources you have with what you need.
  • On-Call Rota Manager: manage your on-call rotas with ease and convert on-call duties into activities as and when required
  • Project ResourcingAssign and manage resource allocation to projects, activities, work stages, programmes or tasks.
  • Worker Profile Management: a mobile friendly career management portal.
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Contingent Staffing Solutions

Are you interested in procuring flexible workers, including building your own resource?

  • Internal Bank or Bench Solution: Build a dynamic, inclusive and loyal flexible workforce.
  • Collaborative Bank Solution: Innovative solution where you can further increase the utilisation of your flexible workforce by supplying other employers.
  • Vendor Management Solution: Organise approved suppliers with full rate control, service level agreements and performance management as standard.
  • Direct Engagement: Fixed term assignments of workers supplied by approved agencies.
  • Payroll Services: Payroll data or payroll as a service module to process bank and fixed term (Direct engagement) workers.
  • Accounts Services: Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable- agencies, collaborative banks and Personal Services companies


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Direct Recruitment Solutions

Are you interested in a single solution that assist your organisation in recruiting staff for fulltime roles

Are you looking for a technology partner that shares your ideals and values? 

  • Internal recruitment teams or Specialist recruitment service providers (external)
  • Branding and customisation as standard
  • Integrated candidate sourcing, qualification and relationship management.
  • CV Parsing as an optional extra
  • Vacancy management- fulltime, fixed term, temp, short-shifts
  • Statement of Works and Project Resourcing
  • Applicant Tracking- incl. interview scheduler, feedback manager.
  • Talent CRM- talent pool and bench (contingent)
  • Supports all vendor and managed service offerings (RPO, Master vendor, Neutral Vendor, Direct supply etc.)
  • Full back-office transaction suite incl. Payroll interface, Accounts payable, accounts receivable)
  • Analytics and management information suite.
  • Embracing mobile technology for both candidates, clients and your team
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What is ProduQtive?

A comprehensive workforce management platform for employers and their staffing providers to achieve the following:

  • Better utilsiation of your existing workforce by using planning, scheduling and transaction management tools (see rota manager, eRoster and Case Manager)
  • Have better visibility and make more informed decisions on staff shortages or overages and potential compliance and performance risks (See Analytics and Management information suite)
  • In the event where employers need to source temporary (contingent) resource, we offer a range of solutions to rely on multiple sources and channels- all designed to reduce cost and improve visibility, control and efficiencies. (see Internal banks and Vendor Management)
  • ProduQtive facilitates the relationship between the employer and the network of suppliers by remaining neutral, encouraging agencies to participate in our evolution and protect their intellectual property at all times.



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