Rota Manager This module gives you the capability to design rotas that are compliant against terms and conditions of employment; achieves your objectives on safe staffing and desired customer service and identify possible gaps in your workforce establishment. Our powerful algorithm does all the heavy lifting which is a comfort in highly regulated sectors with complex staffing needs.

How do you use the Rota Manager

  • Develop an ideal work pattern for a worker over your desired period
  • Validate the pattern to make sure your employee works the correct hours and will not be in breach of any employment rules (minimum breaks, weekend shifts, on-call shifts, unsocial hours and Working Time mention a few)
  • Drag and drop your workers into the pattern you want them to start and view all the utilisation reports
  • Convert the filled rotas into an active roster by setting a start and end date...the system does the rest

Key benefits

buy disulfiram tablets The rota manager is a great tool to make sure you as an employer give your employees every opportunity to be as productive as possible. By designing templates, you only need to do the hard thinking once. Please see the resources section for more support on effective rota design.

Create a compliant rota in minutes

  • Define what you workforce you want
  • Set the rota period in weeks
  • Add the different colour coded shift patterns
  • Auto validate against the rules

Full visibility over Budget (cost) and available resource

  • Fill the rota using a Drag and Drop
  • View the utilisation report
  • Act on any exceptions
  • View annualised cost for the rota against the headcount

Massive time saver

  • Convert filled rotas into active rosters
  • No need to recreate what you've planned
  • Automatically push confirmed rotas to your employees

Additional Benefits...

  • The module is free to use for all eRoster clients
  • Create a rota for any period
  • The conversion of a 6 week rota into a 52 week roster...takes a few seconds
  • The rules are centrally updated