Welcome to the ProduQtive VMS module, a standalone or fully-integrated tool. Available to employers of all sizes to manage the sourcing of temporary workers from staffing agencies.

Also referred to as Contingent Staff, Flexible staff, Complementary Staff, Temps and Locums..ProduQtive is suitable for staffing groups. The vendor management module is a complete requisition-to-pay solution (end-to-end) that is an extension to the e-Rostering and internal bank modules.

Vendor Management- what can you expect?

  • Add and organise your approved agencies to ProduQive.
  • Set permissions and preferences to match rules and internal processes (incl. Purchase orders, authorisation, timesheet approvals etc).
  • Set- budget caps on spend, headcount (WTE) or total hours by staff group (new feature)
  • Release vacant shifts directly from the e-Roster or Internal Bank module to your approved and selected agencies.
  • Agencies submit suitable candidates against individual shifts, whilst attaching all the required professional documentation.
  • Solution supports all staffing groups but is especially powerful in complex staffing settings- such doctors and nurses in large acute hospitals or healthcare professionals in the community.
  • A comprehensive applicant tracking and selection process results in faster filled shifts.
  • An intuitive and mobile enabled time and attendance solution provide an additional layer of efficiency and control.
  • Supports Direct Engagement for selected staffing groups and settings.
  • Supports all employment types- buy Pregabalin usa IR35 Personal Services Companies, Umbrella companies, PAYE and Self Employed contractors

Headline Benefits

Total control & Visibility

Fully engaged and active supply chain

Significant Direct and indirect savings

Additional benefits

  • Organise your suppliers according to their capability, regional access and performance expectations. (Master vendor, Tier 1, Tier 2 or Ad-Hoc)
  • Create and manage rate-cards to control cost and prevent rate inflation.
  • Proactively manage supplier performance, bench marked against their peers.
  • The solution does most of the heavy lifting for agencies, resulting in superior fill rates and lower transaction cost.
  • Achieve additional savings through direct engagement.
  • No licence fee, no lengthy implementations, easy to use and fast.
  • Audit and tracking tools provides peace of mind.
  • Accurate processing of bookings, timesheets and payments- no more delays, disputes and expensive credit and re-invoicing processes.
  • Quality control tools ensure your suppliers consistently meet your specifications.