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total workforce management

Operational Deployment

The products listed below supports employers in the day to day organisation and tactical deployment of skilled resources. This includes: Shifts – in our
e-roster tool;
Activities – using our Activity Scheduler; or Tasks and deliverables – using our Project Resource Manager. 

 No need to purchase additional licences to access any of the products under Operational Deployment

  • Rapid deployment 
  • Easy to use, low demand on training 
  • Fully integrated with the Contingent Staffing modules 
  • Customisable rules 
  • Uncompromising and feature rich design
  • End to end performance and flexibility

The four pillars of the Operational Deployment Module


e-Roster by ProduQtive was designed to offer our customers a feature rich experience that supports their very specific needs.

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e-Roster by ProduQtive forms part of our Operational Deployment module and, whilst it was designed for the healthcare sector, many central government and commercial organisations have benefited from the powerful tools available to manage a disbursed, mobile, and flexible workforce.

Core Features

  • Automatically generate roster templates based on demand data.
  • Create rosters for any period and release requirements according to your roster periods.
  • Use the Auto fill tools to find the best combinations and fill rosters in seconds.
  • Use the Augmentation tool to extend previously filled rosters.
  • Encourage employee participation to self-roster.
  • Submit rosters for approval and “Lock-Down” periods.
  • Edit rosters – replace, remove, cancel, redeploy, change location/facility (incl. Work from Home).
  • For senior managers, use the Heat Map and Redeployment tools to reduce the demand on contingent resources.
  • Extend the search for workers by accessing the internal bench, or
  • Collaborate with participating organisations to second underutilised resources.
  • Use the automation tools to outsource unfilled shifts to suppliers and support self-booking.

Empower your employees with their private and secure career management portal where they can:

  • Receive invitations to apply for rostered shifts.
  • Manage their preferences.
  • Request leave and track leave requests and balances.
  • Capture attendance or absence or any variance in time worked.
  • Request or respond to Swaps.
  • Manage all professional registration documentation.

Key Benefits

  • Have access to over 7 different fulfillment views to meet your specific needs.
  • Track capacity and budgets in real-time.
  • Have complete confidence that your employees are suitably qualified, available and compliant.
  • Fully customisable rules engine to ensure rosters are compliant.
  • No risk of double booking. If an Employee is also a contractor of a bank and several agencies, the system blocks any overlap.
  • Real-time tracking of contract hours vs actual hours over any period.
  • Interface with payroll systems.
  • Benefit from accessing a wider internal and external resource pool to reduce the demand on contingent resources.
  • When you do need to engage with the contingent staffing network, have peace of mind that ProduQtive has exhausted all other alternatives and that the temporary resource requested will meet your criteria (cost, quality, continuity, rating, familiarity etc).

Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is not designed to police your workforce, but rather to give your employees and managers access to real-time data to drive change and innovation. 

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We start by using your data, from all different sources, including the data produced by ProduQtive. We then apply some wisdom to design various interactive dashboard charts, data exports and performance indicators to drive positive change.

Workforce analytics covers a number of core aspects:

  • The function of the employee in relationship with the role, the organisation and the team.
  • The function of the contingent supplier (agency) in relationship with key performance indicators benchmarked against other suppliers (both internal and external).
  • The operational indicators that dictate demand and supply.
  • The financial indicators that impact cash-flow, costs, forecasts and future budgets.
  • Non-tangible components that impact brand, service, relationships and value.


Our mission is to support our customers in every possible way, which often means we push data into a customer data repository.

We continue to add to our list of reports and dashboards and encourage our clients to work with your dedicated accounts manager to design the reports you need.

Activity Scheduler

Create activities linked to a facility and service category. Add multiple resource requirements and assign employees.

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The Activity Scheduler is a fully integrated solution on the ProduQtive Workforce Management platform and forms part of our suite of Operational Deployment tools. Our motivation behind the solution was to give employers:

  • The capability to convert job plans into a transactional tool to manage all eventualities.
  • A tool to create multi-disciplinary events (activities/tasks) that can be resourced by different service units.

A typical use case:

A Surgical Department creates a weekly event “Knee Replacements” and can build the resource requirement – 1x Anaesthetist, 1 x ODP, 1 x Scrub nurse etc, and assign the event to a facility “Theatre 2”. The surgeon can also share a patient list and manage the confidentiality of the document. The different service units, like the Anaesthetics department, can now assign the suitable resource to the individual events.

Key features

  • Create on-calls or stand by rota for your service unit.
  • Have total visibility over staff leave and unavailability.
  • Replace or remove employees from events.
  • Change the location, increase head-count or cancel the event.
  • Use the different views (day, week, multi week) to have better visibility.

Key Benefits

  • No double entry to create rosters for approved job plans.
  • Integrated with the core HR modules, Payroll and Workforce analytics.
  • Track plans vs actuals in real-time.
  • Empower employees to view and add their own activities.
  • Integrated with the team chat feature.

Project Resource Planning & Deployment

A single solution to give organsations and teams the ability to create and design a project; match available resource; invite specialist internal resources; source external skills from contractors; deliver and manage a project whilst delivering an excellent service. 

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Project Resource Planner and Deployment is the latest addition to the ProduQtive product suite and was designed to support our professional services customers in achieving more with less. By combining several disciplines, tools and transactional features into a single solution, we are confident that our offering is truly unique.

We know the “Project Resource Planner and Deployment” manager is a bit of a mouthful and we invite our customers to name their newest team member themselves; below is a list of key features and benefits:

Key Features

  • Create multiple projects for internal and external clients.
  • Design and specify Work Stages or Sprints.
  • Design the resource requirements (attributes and quality) to deliver against each work stage;
  • Assign known and invite resource to be considered.
  • Access knowledge of previously successfully completed similar projects.
  • Procure specialist services from internal or external providers.
  • Determine the project cost (fixed price, time and material, pro-bono etc.).
  • Involve your client via their own Client portal.
  • Create a detailed project plan with tasks, actions, mileposts/deadlines and assign to team members and service providers.
  • Convert the Project Plan into a transactional project management tool, accessing a wide range of typical features and workflows to track progress and monitor any creep and missed deadlines.

 key benefits

  • Fully integrated solution.
  • Free extension to your clients and external contractors.
  • Powerful project management tools.
  • Efficient procurement of services (Statement of Works) and contracts management.
  • Access reports to monitor resource utilisation, profitability, contribution and other workforce related indicators.
  • Access project related reports (single or aggregated) to review total workforce utilisation, total cost and profitability.

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