Outsourced service providers

buy gabapentin online usa ProduQtive is a neutral technology provider with the purpose to deliver world-class tools used by employers and those providing recruitment and staffing related services. Our hope is that our tools will enable the relationship between service providers and employers.

Managed Service Providers (MSP's)

http://electelen.com/election-information/ The increased demand for contingent resources, increased compliance and lower margins...think carefully about who to partner with.

  • Reduce your transaction costs.
  • Automation buys you time to invest in candidate attraction and client relationships.
  • Customise compliance- never miss an issue.
  • Monitor and performance manage your team.
  • Benchmark your services against other suppliers.
  • Protect your IP.
  • Performance manage your supply-chain.

Recruitment Process Outsource providers (RPO's)

http://go2uvm.org/wp-content/plugins/dzs-videogallery/admin/dzsuploader/upload.css Supporting RPO businesses in delivering a superior service to their clients.

  • Complete Applicant Tracking Solution.
  • Interface with industry leading services- chat-bots, CV Parsing, video interviewing, psychometric assessment providers etc.
  • Offer great workforce analytics tools.
  • Directly interface with Core HR technologies.

Headline benefits

  • A truly neutral technology provider.
  • White label and privately hosting provider options available.
  • Bespoke development and integrations comes as standard.
  • Low cost and great value.

Next Steps...

Lynn Haven For more information or to book a demo, please email us at hello@produqtive.com