neurontin online no script e-Roster by ProduQtive is the latest in resource scheduling and optimisation. Initially designed for the UK Healthcare sector, the solution is fast becoming the must-have tool for forward thinking organisations in local government and the professional services sector.

e-Roster's key features

  • Customise the solution to match your internal processes.
  • Suitable for your entire establishment. All staffing groups, grades, specialism or skill.
  • Map created rosters against available workforce and budgets.
  • Easy to use fulfilment process, including self-rostering.
  • Organise workers across complex shift patterns.
  • Have access to 5 different views for each Roster.
  • Track utilisation and capacity against employment contracts in real-time.
  • Management features- Swop request, leave request, absenteeism, heat-maps and mention a few.
  • Propriety algorithms to ensure your employees are not in breach of employment rules or policies.
  • Payment enhancements; over time, track core and unsocial hours- track planned vs. actual work.
  • ProduQtivity Analysis and other management reporting.


Time Saver

  • Great value for money.
  • Create rosters in minutes.
  • Extend filled rosters.
  • Use the template tool to avoid duplicate work.
  • Customise our rules engine to support self rostering.

All staffing groups

  • Convert job plans and Rotas into Rosters within seconds.
  • Aggregate rosters for increased visibility across multiple sites/locations.
  • Redeploy with ease.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Reduce the need for contingent staff.

Analytics & Support

  • Interface with ProduQtive's contingent staffing modules.
  • Interface with Direct Recruit (Applicant Tracking).
  • Access real-time, transaction and benchmark analytics.
  • Round the clock support.
  • Free worker portal.