order lasix check my site e-Job Planner is a free standing module or part of the fully integrated ProduQtive platform. Job planner was initially designed to support clinicians (Consultants and SAS) and their contractual obligations but is now available to all staffing groups.

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Time saver

  • Design highly bespoke job plans in minutes.
  • Template the job plans for future use:
  • Edit and impact tracking in real-time (PA's)
    • Direct Clinical Care.
    • Supporting Professional Activities.
    • Private Professional Services.
  • Preview capacity and coverage for the department.
  • Customise the approval and sign-off process.


  • Introduce a fairness to the planning process.
  • The planning process and calculations are consistent.
  • The plans are transparent.

Active Plans

  • Convert plans into activity based schedules with ease.
  • Track actual activity against planned activity.
  • Provide better visibility of attendance to all support staff.
  • Allows for better service design and over-all resource allocation.