Direct Recruit- Applicant Tracking Solution

Bhimbar A free application to support your direct recruitment initiatives and effectively process applicants to advertised jobs or bank building/talent pooling initiatives. Not available as a free-standing tool.



  • Set your own workflows of approvals.
  • Define your steps from applicant to hire.
  • Add documentation to support the process.
  • Add rules.
  • Add users that will participate in the recruitment process.


  • Push jobs directly to your favourite jobsites.
  • Access our network of additional jobsites.
  • Interface with internal or regional career pages.
  • Interface with social media.
  • interface with HR Systems to fast track on-boarding.
  • Instant interface with ProduQtive's Bank and Talentpool modules.

Stay in touch

  • Intuitive communication tools to keep applicants informed of their progress.
  • Applicants: worker portal to track their progress.
  • Option for applicants to also join the bank or remain on the talent pool for future opportunities.
  • Applicants are potentially a large client base / ambassadors for your organisation- look after them!

Additional Benefits

  • Promotes your organisation and brand with ease
  • Free to use- save you at least £15,000