Contingent Staffing- Internal Banks Or Bench

Organisations can no longer ignore the importance of developing their own internal flexible resource pool. Turbo charge your efforts with ProduQtive and achieve higher bank fill rates, shorter lead-times, better continuity, reduced risk...the list goes on.

Headline Features

  • Build an inclusive and active flexible workforce.
  • Fully integrated with ProduQtive e-Roster or any 3rd party tool.
  • Vacancy distribution based on candidate's compliance status, matching criteria, availability and preference.
  • Efficient fulfilment workflow- including self-booking for selected staffing groups.
  • Interface with ProduQtive Vendor Management and agency supply- outsource unfilled shifts.
  • Intuitive time validation and approval tool.
  • Highly configurable:
    • Terminology and sector specific nuances.
    • Staffing group rules.
    • Request-to-approval workflows and permissions.
    • Rate-cards.
    • Data configuration- incl. reasons for request etc.
  • Optimised for all mobile devices.



  • Free candidate attraction tools.
  • Robust compliance tools.
  • Efficient document management tools.
  • Maintain professional accreditation.
  • Provide tools for professional development.
  • Superior communication tools (CRM).
  • Track and monitor your lead-time to compliance/ on-boarding.


  • Increased utilisation- decrease agency demand.
  • Track and monitor candidate utilisation in real-time.
  • Up to date availability and preference management tools.
  • Prompts and notifications to retain and keep compliant.
  • Automate- direct and self-booking as configurable options.
  • Analytics to support targeted activity. MONITOR SPEND AND COST

  • Track full-time vs contingent demand.
  • Highlight areas of high demand (department, occupation, grade).
  • Track budgets assigned to contingent supply (optional).
  • Monitor spend against previous periods.
  • Track value for money.
  • Benchmark your efforts to that of your piers.

Benefits in Numbers