Contingent Staffing

Our clients get much more than just a log-in to a fully integrated contingent staffing platform. Our experienced team is here to help! Your organisation will be able to build and have access to:

  • Internal Bank or Bench: Develop a dynamic pool of flexible workers to fill any short term gaps you may have. Suitable for all staff groups and all placement types (short shifts, ad-hoc assignments; fixed term contracts). Contingent staff places a pivotal part in the makeup of your organisation.
  • browse around this site Regional Banks and Collaborative Banks: Innovative solution to further increase the utilisation of banks. Employers have the option to become suppliers of contingent staff (to other, like minded employers) and generate revenue through the ProduQtive marketplace.
  • Agency- Vendor Management: A tool to manage all suppliers of staff (agencies) for all staffing groups, placement types across your organisation.
  • Agency- Master Vendor; Neutral Vendor; Managed Service; Preferred suppliers lists: We support all relationships you have with your agencies.
  • Direct Engagement: The platform is compliant with providing Direct Engagement as a service. This is only applicable to some staffing groups in very specific conditions.
  • Specialist Services: To support the contingent staffing suite of tools, the business offers payroll and disbursement services to further reduce cost and make efficiency savings.