Produqtivity = Output / Input

The solutions developed by were designed to service organisations of all shapes and sizes. They organised in 3 distinct categories:

  • he has a good point Workforce Management Suite- these are tools designed to optimise your workforce and benefit from visibility, control, staff engagement and direct cost savings. The solutions include: Workforce planning tools, Scheduling or Rostering, Case Management and on-Call management
  • read the article Contingent Staffing Suite- Offered as service, the platform gives staffing managers access to contingent staff (temporary or flexible workers) from a variety of channels or sources: Internal Banks; Collaborative Banks; Vendor Management (staffing agencies)
  • Direct Recruitment Suite- ProduQtive offers a solution to agencies of all sizes that supports their business unlike any other. A fraction of the cost, developed and supporte by industry specialists whilst taking an active part on our development plans.


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