On-Call Manager

Click This Link Hospitals, Government Agencies, emergency services, utility companies...to name but a few, need to ensure that key members of staff remain available (on-Call) during times where they might be scheduled not to work.

get Misoprostol without prescription The On-Call Manager complements the eRoster service and gives staffing managers a clear view over the commitments and available cover in case of an event or emergency.


How do employers use the module?

The on-call manager complements the eRoster module. It is FREE to all eRoster users and can be used as a stand alone solution to manage general availability for bank workers.

  • Managers will release an an on-call rota to matching employees (defined by a period and a location)
  • Governed by rules, employees will make themselves available for periods of time
  • Managers will review the suggested available On-Calls and lock-down the rota, which is communicated back to the employee
  • In the event where an active roster is created, the manager can consult the on-call rota and "pull" the available workers into the active roster.

The Core Benefits

Full visibility of available capacity


Include workforce in process

Business group portrait - Six business people working together. A diverse work group.

Rules to govern process


Additional Benefits

  • Free to use for all eRoster customers.
  • Significant time saver
  • Configure and customise-  including the change of the name "On-Call Manager".
  • Introduce bespoke rules to meet your requirements.
  • Interface directly with the eRoster service to improve accuracy