Contingent Staffing- Internal Banks Or Bench

pop over to this website Employers can no longer ignore the importance of developing their own internal flexible resource pool. Our job is to give you the tools, support and resources to achieve the best possible outcome.


buy Depakote australia What can you expect from Bank or Bench Builder? If your organisation has an exiting flexible workforce or your need support to build your own, ProduQtive is here to help.

  • Build an inclusive and active flexible workforce.
  • Fully integrate with eRoster and Payrol.
  • Configure service to meet your internal process.
  • Mobile optimised time and attendance feature.
  • 1 or 2 step timesheet approval process
  • Support all staffing groups in every sector
  • Purpose built for short shifts, sessions, activity (task) or fixed term assignments
  • Mobile optimised for guaranteed access and ease of use.

Headline benefits

Significant Cost Savings


Complete Control

List view

No Hassle...saves time


Additional benefits

  • Direct cost savings- achieve a reduction in agency demand within 3 months
  • Higher levels of continuity, quality and higher employee satisfaction
  • Full control and visibility over the demand of flexible workers
  • Intuitive and automated (where possible) fulfilment process saves you time and hassle.
  • Inclusive, Loyal, Positive contributions, Ambassadors...the power of a good internal workforce solution
  • The "Gig Economy" is a force for good and often a career choice. Tapping into this market does not need to be a hassle